I was a photographer long before I even had my own camera… My photography career started with very humble beginnings… I used to borrow cameras from other people to take pictures.  To me photography is as much about how one sees the world as it is about the images one makes. I have been in love with this art form since before I can even remember.  My dad had a huge influence in sparking my interest in photography as a kid. I probably took my first photographs with my dad’s prized vintage Yashica 35mm film camera when I was around six or seven years old. The passion for photography is something that runs in my blood…



One of the very first question many people ask me is, “So why did you name your studio True North?”

 I started searching for a name that captured the essence of my photography. In the end I chose “True North”, both for its simplicity and complexity. It is simple because its an easy name to remember, but is it wonderfully complex not only in its literal meaning but in its metaphorical meaning as well. I won’t bore you all with the scientific explanation of True North, but it is basically the northern point around which the earth spins (or the north plane of the axis of rotation of the earth). This is different from what most of us refer to as north – which refers to magnetic north. The difference between them, depending on which part of the world you are calculating it from is usually very small, but there is a difference.

To me this represents the attention to detail I pay to my photographs, the way I try to capture the subtle details most people miss, the different angles in which I compose my shots, or way in which I try to portray not just the physical beauty of a person but their true beauty as well .

I also love the metaphorical use of this phrase. Before the days of the GPS or even the invention of the compass, ancient sailors navigated the seas by following the stars in the night sky. The only star that sits still in the night sky is the North Star which closely lines up with True North. There is an ancient legend among sailors, on cloudy days and in treacherous seas, their one true love will be their true north and guide them safely home. I put my heart and soul into my work. I want my photographs to tell a story, to evoke an emotion, to provoke a thought, to question convention, to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you fall in love…

"To me photography is an amalgam of the art of observation and artistic vision. It is more than what you simply see through your eyes, but rather how you see it. it is about finding something extraordinary and interesting in seemingly ordinary places, persons or things..."